About the Atlas

The Water Scarcity Atlas provides an introduction to water scarcity, and showcases analyses that cover the whole world, based on cutting edge research.

The Atlas aims to share the insights of scientific findings of water scarcity to a broader public and private sector audience. Contributions are welcome. Email info@waterscarcityatlas.org to discuss additions or changes to the site.

Initial development of this website was funded by the Academy of Finland (Grant #305471) in the project “Global Water Scarcity Atlas: understanding resource pressure, causes, consequences, and opportunities (WASCO)”, 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2018. Interactive visualisations were developed with Lucify, and WordPress design and development with Mediapool.

The site is developed and maintained by the Water & Development Research Group at Aalto University, in collaboration with the Water Program at IIASA.

Other resources

Other websites we recommend that provide information related to global water resources and water issues:

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